EGuard DCC Cabinet Casing

EGuard DCC Cabinet Casing is an extremely durable, grey semi-gloss, polyurethane coating specially developed to provide comprehensive corrosion protection for the inner and outer casing of any HVAC/R unit. Our high solid, Low VOC, formula has excellent adhesion, forming a tough, long lasting barrier to protect against corrosion and resist UV rays, and graffiti.

EGuard DCC Cabinet Casing is an anti-microbial formula that resists dirt and dust adhesion, thereby reducing the presence of micro-organisms such as fungi, mildew, stain causing bacteria, and algae which can add to the corrosion process.

EGuard DCC Cabinet Casing will stand up to the harshest environments and deliver exceptional protection and long lasting durability to keep your equipment looking and operating like new. Additionally, our polyurethane formula will not crack and chip over time like epoxy coatings.

EGuard DCC Cabinet Casing can be applied before assembly of the unit, before or during installation or even years after installation as part of our Rejuvenation Service.

All EGuard coatings feature our proprietary Dual Cure Chemistry (DCC), a hybrid curing solution that cures fast without the need of heat or other catalyst and provides superior adhesion and excellent sealing properties. Dry to touch in just 15 minutes, EGuard DCC technology allows us to deliver the fastest turnaround times in the industry!